It's not really social distancing…

Today was day 3 of seclusion. I can’t figure out what word is best for that- isolation, self quarantine? I think seclusion sounds best. However, today when it was warm enough to sit outside more than 6 feet from everyone in my family, I drove 1.5 hours home to visit and pick up some things that I had forgotten or realized I needed. When I first arrived my husband was sitting on the porch swing and the dog ran up to greet him. Then my youngest, Savannah came out to see me. She sat on the porch railing and we both decided that it was so strange and awkward NOT to be able to hug each other, especially when you want to! I don’t think we should call it social distancing, because in reality, today was a very social day but with physical distancing. I stayed more than 6 feet away from everyone, but we talked and laughed and tried to solve the problems of the world and they laughed at me and my conspiracy theories. It reminded me of a bunch of people from Pittsburgh sitting in their driveways with open garages and lawn chairs and chitchatting. Then I took a walk with my husband and grandbaby and walked around my gardens looking for signs of spring. So, in reality it was a very social day even if it was odd to practice physical distancing, which I think I will call it from now on.

On my way home, I noticed a sign that was put up in town in a few places, it was surreal.

My favorite part? “Together, we will overcome.”

I started my day with online Mass. I was thinking about the fact that during wars, and even in years past when there were plagues when the world had much less medicine, if any – church was never closed. Throughout history, the church has been a place that we can go, especially for help in the dark times, so, this is so very unreal to me.

This is what at home, online church looks like.

Driving back to my temporary home was strange, knowing there was a travel ban beginning at 8 pm and wondering what the rest of the week will look like and what else we are going to see that is unprecedented.

Yule Log Cake

My husband and daughter were watching a cooking show and someone was making a Yule log cake. They decided they wanted to try and spent a few days researching, watching videos and looking at examples and trying to find the perfect recipe. I’m pretty sure they settled on a recipe by Martha Stewart. Well, when they put their minds to something it sure does work! However, I think it’s only a decoration even though I tasted the cake, filling and icing before it was assembled and it’s as delicious as it is gorgeous!

Bible Journaling Pages

One way that I love to use to study and memorize scripture is through “Bible journaling”. There are three different learning styles: Auditory, Visual and Tactile. I know I am not a great auditory learner as I am frequently distracted when I’m supposed to be listening. I don’t believe I’m a tactile learner. I however am a great visual learner and can even remember the words on a page and a page number! I think this is why getting older is so annoying – because my vision is no longer 20/20 and I get eye fatigue. Bible journaling is the perfect way for me to study and memorize scripture. These are my steps…I first pray to The Holy Spirit for understanding – then I read it, contemplate it, pray over it, then make a visual representation of it and voila! It sticks better in my brain. My word of the year is GRACE. This is my “grace” page.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in service to others.” Ghandi

Oh how proud I am. To watch your child grow and find her passion is a most amazing experience. While Jordan is in Africa helping and caring for the children as much as she can – it certainly doesn’t look like she’s out of her comfort zone but rather right where she’s meant to be. I’m sure that she’s tired and maybe hungry and probably would love a hot shower, but seeing the pure joy on her face shows me that throughout the years as she talked about wanting to do this work, it was written on her heart. She is spreading the light of Jesus from within her to those she is serving and the result is pure joy.

Perfect Weather for a Trip to Utah! 

So, we are lucky enough to be able to do crazy things like this. It’s been years of being an airline pilot family and even our families don’t understand how we can live flying by the seat of our pants! We were sitting at JFK, waiting for a flight to Denver for a vacation that we had planned. While we were waiting, Mike checked the weather in Denver and a snow storm had closed down parts of  Rocky Mountain National Park. He said “Is there anywhere else you would like to go?” So, we looked at the weather and chose Utah! We changed to a flight to Salt Lake City and he made calls cancelling and booking rental cars and hotels and 4.5 hours later we were in Salt Lake City. We headed to Cedar Breaks and Bryce the next day and began our week trip through Utah which did end in Colorado before heading back to Salt Lake City. These are only some of my favorite photos. We had the best weather, saw amazing things and it was a perfect vacation, as always! Here’s to spontaneity!


Sunflower Fields Forever 

I cannot drive past a sunflower field without stopping. Mother Teresa said it best. “We need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence. See how nature – trees, flowers, grass- grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence… We need silence to be able to touch souls.”