My animals – so much love

 I can’t imagine my life without these beautiful creatures – they give so much love and devotion (ok – so not the chickens – they provide eggs and entertainment) and they trust and have such sweet souls – I believe they do have souls – how could they not? I wouldn’t want a life without them. ❤️🐾🐴🐎🐐🐈🐓🐺 


My Top 20 photos from Alsace France (difficult to choose!)

The Alsace wine road travels along a line of the most charming villages I’ve ever seen. Some villages are enclosed by ancient wall fortresses. Each little village is nestled in the foothills of the Vosges Mountains across the large valley from the Alps in Germany. The villages are full of colorful old houses, many with wisteria growing up the sides. Stork nests sit on top of the beautiful ancient churches. Vineyards surround the villages and beautiful castles top the hills. This is someplace I plan to visit and explore often!           IMG_9959