It’s Been a While

This is a habit I need to break, so we are starting anew. I start writing and sharing stories and photos and then stop. I’ve skipped a year in between posts which is ridiculous. I took a class before the pandemic that was about how important it is to share our stories. At the end of the class we all had to give a “presentation” which was sharing our stories about our faith journey. There were a lot of tears and a huge realization about how important grandparents were to many of us. What is it really all about if we don’t just love each other and share our stories? We all have them. In that class, I chose to share my story in photos and then just add some narration. I think that’s my favorite way to remember and share stories. Afterall, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, right? So, I’ve done a little re-construction on my site and I am going to see if summertime is a good time to start a new habit. Wish me luck!