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I’m Reneé, a mom of two, an Oma to one and the wife of an airline captain. I’m passionate about photography, flowers, animals, nature, exploring and making everything beautiful. Thanks for visiting!

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The truth of the matter…

I never get anywhere on time because life is an adventure and I usually have one on even the shortest journey. I will always stop for a photo opportunity because moments cannot be duplicated – not the subject, not the lighting and not the perspective – so my motto is “don’t miss it.” I have a beautiful growing family, gardens, animals, career in genetics and am married to an airline pilot who is my high school sweetheart. My life is anything but boring…some would call it controlled chaos. I call it mine. Come along for the ride, but I can promise you that we won’t get there on time. If you want to see what makes me late, you can follow me on my IG.