Time Flies

I can’t believe that it was January when I last wrote. I guess since most of what I like to post are photos and it was very white for very long, I didn’t have much to post! However, spring has sprung and now summer is on its way and the colors are beautiful, sunsets and green grass and spring flowers, lots of bumble bees and birds singing and spring born animal babies. Life is beautiful and maybe the winter makes us appreciate the color and life that much more! Photos to come!








Winter Waterfall Beauty and Solitude

If you read my last post, you will see that I said that I was worried when fall ended that I wouldn’t have much to photograph outside in the winter. Not only is it cold, but sometimes it’s just white…. white…. white… and white…. and I LOVE color, so I thought I wouldn’t find much to inspire my outdoor photography.  I have been wrong. Today I left the only footprints at this park that I frequently go to in the summer and fall. I was the ONLY person there, enjoying the quiet stillness found after a newly fallen snow.  The temperature was below zero, but there was no wind and the snowstorm yesterday created a beautiful landscape.  Although this is just around the corner from my house, I have never gone to see the waterfall in winter. Shame on me.  It was gorgeous. Not only was the snow from yesterday beautiful, but so was the ice all over the trees and rocks from the freezing mist of the waterfall. The photos do not do this justice. I think the only way to do that would be to get to the bottom, but the trail is closed off in winter. Also, the clouds were moving in and the sun was going down behind the hills, so the color really started to wash out on the falls/ice. I will go back the next time I see the sun peek out in the morning and if the sun is shining off of the ice, I am determined to capture it!  No, I was not barefoot today, yes I was in blue jeans, and yes, my toes were very cold at the end of my hike, even in my warm boots with wool socks, but it was worth it! I hope you enjoy! Beauty is everywhere!

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Icy Inspiration

After the fall I was worried that the long white winter, white being the key word, wouldn’t give me much to be inspired to photograph – I was wrong. Yes, photos in the snow are pretty and the colors of hats and gloves and scarves can add to the photos. Horses playing in the snow are fun to photograph – but today when I woke up, it truly was a winter wonderland outside and I bundled up and walked around looking at the amazing ice covered world and found my inspiration. Enjoy!


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Top Ten Favorite Things About Autumn in Photos (no particular order)


#1 Amber waves of grain…..


#2 Pumpkins


#3 The sights and sounds of the geese flying south


#4 Fresh delicious apples


#5 The white puffy clouds on dry cool days against the blue blue sky


#6 Bright yellow leaves


#7 Orange leaves


#8 The cool morning mist that lays in the fields


#9 The smell of the leaves on the ground


#10 The cool evening sunsets on the lake

My absolutely favorite time of the year is Autumn, especially in Upstate New York or in New England. It’s harvest time. The earth has provided us with an abundance of fruit and grain and vegetables to “squirrel away” for winter. It’s time to go apple picking and cook up the apples. Time to pick the pumpkins and bake pumpkin bread. In the morning, the grass is dewy and the air chilly and the mist lays in the fields and valleys and rises over the lakes, while the geese are heard and seen flying overhead. The trees change from green to golden yellow and orange and red. The leaves eventually fall to the ground and the smell of the kicked up leaves brings back early childhood memories. The air is cool and crisp and the sunrises and sunsets are gorgeous because there is little, if any, haze in the atmosphere.  The mornings and evenings are cool and the days are warm with the sun.  Soon after fall the time for hibernation will come, but during fall, every sense; sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch are working overtime to soak in all of the colors, smells, sounds, tastes and feelings of autumn.

Morning in the Sunflower Field

So I spent the gorgeous 64 degree morning in the sunflower field with a gazillion bumble bees fighting each other for pollen – my jeans are covered in it so there really is plenty to go around – but at least it kept them occupied and ignoring me! Some people paid the farmer to pick some for a wedding today – how amazing is that going to be?! When the farmer stopped by I thanked him for planting beauty and he probably thought I was silly because to him it’s just an organic crop of seeds that he will sell. He rotates his crop so he planted this year on the land next door to his and the man who owns the property gets to cut and sell some sunflowers from his driveway – today I will be buying a bunch – he was very careful about which ones to pick to ensure they will last a while. I chased an elusive monarch slowly through the field to capture a photo – and eventually just stood still and prayed and he came back to me and I did get that beautiful photo which I have to upload from my camera. I think it just may be my favorite photo of all time. Thank you Pete, the farmer, for planting beauty.











Australia Vacation

A year ago today I was flying across the world to come back home from my Australia vacation. It was an amazing experience which still feels like a dream. It was so wonderful to see my gorgeous friend Diane and her family and see the amazing places and things in Australia that we learn about our whole lives. Some of my favorite photos and more to follow!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage