Seclusion and the 5 Things That I Have Found That I Could Not Live Without

I haven’t posted any photos or written on my blog for quite a while. Why? Because life is very busy. Not the busy that we seem to glorify in this society, but the busy life of living in a full house – a house with a 6 month old baby and her 27 and 28 year old parents, a 17 year old who is a senior in high school but home/online schooled and myself who works full time and my husband who is an airline captain. Let’s not forget about the animals; a dog with a liver shunt, two rescued cats and a third grandcat, a bearded dragon who has “cerebral palsy”, three goats, 7 hens, a hive of honeybees and a horse that is boarded about 10 minutes away.  Soon, the perennial gardens will start to come up and many annual flowers will need to be planted as well as the vegetable gardens. Yes, that’s the kind of full and busy life we live, and that’s why I don’t find the time to prioritize writing in my blog. Then came the Coronavirus or COVID-19. Now, times have changed for the hopefully, short, foreseeable future.

I have two autoimmune disorders. My husband is still flying and exposed to the outside world and my daughter is a pediatric ICU nurse. A few days ago her ICU was named one of the units that would be taking COVID-19 patients in her hospital. For those reasons and after discussions with multiple people who are as knowledgeable as can be about this virus, we made the difficult decision to move me into isolation. Today is Day 2. I decided that I would take this opportunity to write in my blog about this experience, especially so that someday, my granddaughter, Lylah, can read about what was going on in her first year of life.  I believe that this will define her generational cohort, much like post 9-11 defined my 17 year old’s (gen Z), ironic since Lylah was born on 9-11.

In the 48 hours that I have been here, I have learned that there are 5 things that I could not live without: first, my phone that is keeping me connected to the outside world (there is no TV here), second – the Marco Polo App that is enabling me to see and talk to my family and friends, third and forth – Pandora and my Bose, because the silence is deafening, and last, but not least, my dog to keep me company.

I noticed on my drive here, there were 5 couples taking walks together, on a road that I drive on almost every day. I can say that I have never seen couples taking walks on that road. A silver lining to this social distancing and staying at home.


  • I saw my oldest post on social media. She had given it up for Lent, so I asked her about it. She said that she’s now given up her mother for Lent, so she thought Jesus would be okay if she took back social media. I’m sure that Jesus understands.
  • It was warm. I texted the woman who owns the house and asked if she minded that I clean up her gardens. Some daffodils were coming up through the old leaves of the hostas. She was happy to let me garden, so I spent a few hours outside with the dog, cleaning up gardens and getting some sunshine and fresh air. I figure that is good for physical AND mental health.
  • I found lots of signs of spring coming.
  • I organized the books that I brought with me. Books that I chose for such a time as this. I also brought my bible and bible journaling devotionals and supplies so that I could spend time in the Word everyday and tap into my creative side as well.
  • I brought prayer books and my breviary and plan to start routinely praying the Divine Office, I think the world could use more prayer.


  • I found out that I forgot to bring Q-tips and that the shower curtain blows in and touches me. I realized how spoiled I am.
  • I decided to walk the dog and go off the beaten path to avoid the noise of 18 wheelers (we must be on some sort of a country trucking route), and I found chickens, goats, sheep, a lake and pussy willows blooming – another sure sign of spring.

My word of the year is NOURISH. I am going to take this time to nourish my mind, body, soul (which really means my relationship with my Lord and Savior) and relationship with others and myself. I’m eating healthy, walking, and I spent time on skin care today after my shower. I believe that I will be learning a lot over the next 8 ish weeks. I hope that you come along with me on this journey and learn with me. I will say that being alone and not in my own home at night is the most difficult, so hopefully, this blog will keep my mind off of it.

Oh, and I already made a mistake. I forgot to change the date on day 2.