It's not really social distancing…

Today was day 3 of seclusion. I can’t figure out what word is best for that- isolation, self quarantine? I think seclusion sounds best. However, today when it was warm enough to sit outside more than 6 feet from everyone in my family, I drove 1.5 hours home to visit and pick up some things that I had forgotten or realized I needed. When I first arrived my husband was sitting on the porch swing and the dog ran up to greet him. Then my youngest, Savannah came out to see me. She sat on the porch railing and we both decided that it was so strange and awkward NOT to be able to hug each other, especially when you want to! I don’t think we should call it social distancing, because in reality, today was a very social day but with physical distancing. I stayed more than 6 feet away from everyone, but we talked and laughed and tried to solve the problems of the world and they laughed at me and my conspiracy theories. It reminded me of a bunch of people from Pittsburgh sitting in their driveways with open garages and lawn chairs and chitchatting. Then I took a walk with my husband and grandbaby and walked around my gardens looking for signs of spring. So, in reality it was a very social day even if it was odd to practice physical distancing, which I think I will call it from now on.

On my way home, I noticed a sign that was put up in town in a few places, it was surreal.

My favorite part? “Together, we will overcome.”

I started my day with online Mass. I was thinking about the fact that during wars, and even in years past when there were plagues when the world had much less medicine, if any – church was never closed. Throughout history, the church has been a place that we can go, especially for help in the dark times, so, this is so very unreal to me.

This is what at home, online church looks like.

Driving back to my temporary home was strange, knowing there was a travel ban beginning at 8 pm and wondering what the rest of the week will look like and what else we are going to see that is unprecedented.

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