Top Twenty Favorite Wedding Photos from Rachel’s Wedding (part one)…

My niece asked me to photograph her wedding. Although photography is my hobby, and I love love love to take photos, it makes me anxious to have someone rely on the photos that I take. Not only that, but indoor photography with poor lighting and moving people has never been my strength! I didn’t want to disappoint her. I wasn’t too excited when digital photography came along, but eventually decided to try it and so for a while I would take both film and digital and now I don’t take film photography anymore. My digital SLR camera is amazing although it’s very complicated. I took an online class from Elisha Snow at to learn all about it. The class was wonderful and has helped me to understand my camera. My camera and I took some amazing photos of Rachel’s wedding, though it’s really that I had a beautiful subject!  Here are the first of my top twenty in no particular order.

1. Rachel


2. Cinderella


3. Candle Lighting




5. Kisses


6. Tenderness


7. More Tenderness


8. PeekImage

9. BubblesImage

10. Ceremony


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